Condominium Hunting Guide for Couples

Condominium Hunting Guide for Couples

Have you finally decided to move in with your partner? Well, then a condominium in Calgary is the perfect choice for you. There are many benefits of renting a condo: they are affordable, they are often closer to downtown, and they make up the perfect first homes for couples! But renting a condominium in Calgary can be a bit daunting; hence, here is a short guide that can help you.

Find the Perfect Condo

The first here is knowing how to find the perfect condo. Sure, you can look at Craigslist or other listing websites, but they are often full of either scams or underwhelming condos. Hence, you should look for a professional rental property manager that can help you find the perfect condo for yourself that suits your needs and budget. They are the best option as they know the market inside out, and they can protect you from common renting mistakes and scams.

Visit the Condo

Once you have shortlisted the condos, you should then visit them in person. Here, you visit during an appropriate time, you should thoroughly analyze it for any damage or issues. You must be a good guest during the open house by being polite, and you must respect the space too. You should also try and talk to the neighbours because you really don’t want to live next to an unpleasant neighbour.

Check the Included Utilities

Once you have checked out all the prospective condos, the next step is to evaluate the utilities. Here, you should see whether the house comes with electricity, heat, water, phone, etc. You should also check whether there is parking access or not, and if pets are allowed. These things can be a deal-breaker in the long run, so you must only shortlist those condos that fit your lifestyle and goals.

Know Your Rights

The next step is to know the tenant rights. Under no circumstances can the landlord turn you away on the basis of gender, religion, source of income, sexual orientation, race, etc. You, as a tenant, are protected from description under the Residential Tenancies Act and the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Understand the Lease Agreement

The final stage of hunting for the right condo is the lease agreement. Here, you must go through it well and understand it. If you find any niggles, or if you have any doubts, you should clear them out with the landlord. Here, you should ensure that the agreement is in line with the Residential Tenancies Act as well as the Condominium Property Act. Another detail you must not overlook is to see who is responsible for regular maintenance and repairs of plumbing and the electrical grid. 

If all things line up well, and your mind is free of any doubts, only then you should go ahead and sign the lease agreement. Also, you must never ignore any red flags. A good landowner will be more than happy to clear out your doubts.

To make your rental condo hunting experience smooth and stress-free, reach out to Rental Advisors. We can help you find the best condo for you that meets your needs at the best rates. For more details, call us at 780-757-3700.

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