Edmonton Property Management

Are you content to be constantly dealing with tenants’ needs? Are you sure you are complying with all legislation? Do you know the total real cost of managing your properties? There are so many questions that you may have in your mind if you are managing your rental property on your own. You might even end up making mistakes that will delay the process of finding the right tenant or prevent you from managing your investment property efficiently.

You must seek assistance from the professionals for something as significant as managing your rental property. And when looking for hassle-free, full-service property management services in and around Edmonton, look nowhere else; Rental Advisors is here for you.

Rental Advisors can be at your service for all kinds of property management services in Edmonton and nearby areas. Based on what you are looking for, we will tailor-make property management services for you. We first have a detailed discussion with you to understand what you are looking for and where you are facing difficulties in the process. The service is then tailored to combine the necessary elements to form a comprehensive practical and administrative solution.

Our Property Management in Edmonton includes:

  • FREE evaluation of your property before getting started.
  • Maximize tenant reach through online marketing.
  • Advertise on top rental listing websites.
  • Professional property photography.
  • ‘For Rent’ sign placement and removal.
  • Screen applicants and curate quality tenants.
  • Handle all tenant inquiries on your behalf.
  • Inspect properties upon tenant rotation.
  • Prepare tenancy agreement.
  • Arrange any pre-tenancy work to be carried out.
  • Monthly rental invoicing.
  • Provide quotes for major repairs.
  • Ongoing property maintenance.
  • Minor repair completion.
  • Friendly service for tenant.
  • Negotiate tenancy renewals.
  • Share complete rental market analysis regularly.
  • Manage tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages.
  • Ensure compliance with changing regulation.

Why Choose Rental Advisors?

● No annual fees
● No re-leasing fees
● No hidden fees
● One-time service administration fee to start the service
● No monthly management fees during an advertising period
● Licensed property managers
● Audited trust accounts
● Monthly financial statements

There’s so much that you have to do and look after when it comes to your residential property management. Trust the leader in property management in Edmonton whenever you need help. Reach out to Rental Advisors at 780-757-3700, and we’ll be happy to serve you.