Five Questions You Can’t Ask Your Tenants

Five Questions You Can’t Ask Your Tenants

When you are renting out your house, you want to ensure that you find the best tenants. A wrong tenant may end up damaging your property, or they may carry-out illegal business out of your house. And the best way to avoid such unpleasant tenants is by asking questions.

However, you must know that, as a landlord, there are some questions that you must never ask your potential tenants in Edmonton. Some of such questions are prohibited under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and the Alberta Human Rights Act to protect them from any discrimination. Others just sound rude and impolite, and may even invade their privacy. Hence, you must refrain from asking these questions to your tenants.

1) What is Your Source of Income?

Many landlords make the mistake of asking this question, and it is an honest mistake since they just want to know if the tenant can afford to pay the rent. But this is not the right way as it invades their privacy. Instead, you should do a background credit check, or ask for references from their previous landlords or employers.

2) What is Your Social Insurance Number?

When trying a background check, many tenants ask for the tenant’s SIN number, which is also illegal under RTA. This number can be used to identify temporary foreign workers or refugees. Hence, to protect the tenants, RTA makes it unlawful to ask questions on the SIN number.

3) What is Your Gender and Sexual Orientation?

Under the Alberta Human Rights Act, you, as a landlord, must not ask questions regarding your tenant’s gender or sexuality. This is to protect the tenants from any kind of discrimination on the basis of their lifestyle choices or sexual orientation. Additionally, this question is also impolite as it invades their privacy.  

4) Which God do You Believe in?

On the same lines, many tenants face discrimination on the basis of their religion. Hence, the Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits landlords from asking this question. Additionally, this question can be seen as impolite and rude by many tenants. Thus, you should refrain from asking them about their religion.

5) Do You Have Any Kind of Disability?

Lastly, you must not ask your tenants if they have any kind of mental disability. Again, this restriction is here to protect the tenants from discrimination based on their mental health. And this question is also quite rude.

Now, it is entirely natural to want to choose the perfect tenant who will not damage your house and pay the rent on time, but using these questions is the wrong way to go about it. So how do you find the best tenants?

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