5 Services to Look for in a Property Management Company

5 Services to Look for in a Property Management Company

As a landlord, hiring a property management company is one of the crucial decisions. Many landlords manage the property on their own. But it depends on an individual’s management. If you are a landlord with a job and a family to take care of or if you have many rental properties in Edmonton, then considering property management company won’t be wrong. There are various services that a property management company provides. You have to look for the best property management company that can handle your property effectively. Read the post further to know the services to look for in a property management company.

1) Knowing Laws and Regulations

Being a family man and managing a property is difficult. There are laws regarding landlords and tenants that a person should know for the smooth management of the property and the tenants. The property manager should know the current rules, regulations and legislation for rental properties. The property management company should be reliable with laws. And they should know how to address the laws and how to handle any issue regarding the rules and regulations.

2) Marketing the Property

The property management company should work on renting your property. If your rental property is vacant, then it will cost you for the maintenance. The company should clean and maintain the property to make the property appear attractive. The company should market the property by putting up advertisements on the internet and in the local newspapers. 

3) Screening Tenants

The property management company should be able to perform a proper screening process and select the right tenants. The screening process is very crucial. You should hold good information about the tenant. The company should be able to do a thorough background check of the tenant for verification. The property manager should also know how to interview the tenant.

4) Performing Maintenance

Inspecting the property by the managers is important. The property manager should identify any issue, whether inside or outside. The property manager should bring out the issue to your notice so you can conduct the maintenance before it gets bigger and causes significant damage. This service will help you to maintain your property and make it look better when the tenants come.

5) Collecting Rents

The property management company acts as a communicator between you and the tenants. The property manager will be responsible for looking over the rent collections on your behalf. They are also responsible for hunting down the tenants with late payments. If necessary, the company should know when to send payment or eviction notice to the tenants.

When hiring a property management company, you should always check for these services. It will help you choose better. Our company is amongst the best in Edmonton. If you are looking for a property manager for your property, then you can rely on us.

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