5 Things You Must Let Your Property Manager Know Beforehand

5 Things You Must Let Your Property Manager Know Beforehand

A property manager can work wonders for a landlord if deployed in the right manner. For instance, if your property manager is aware of the type of tenant you’d require for your property, then they would bring in just the right prospects. Apart from this, a property manager also acts as your representative and assists the visiting prospects about the property. But for these things to happen, the property manager needs to be a well-trained individual and should be trained in dealing with prospects. To ensure this happens, here are five things that the property manager must know beforehand.

1) About Your Requirements

Often a property manager might get in touch with tenants who don’t fit your requirements. This, in turn, results in you having to deal with the wrong prospect and not being able to put your property on rent. So always make it a point to convey to the property manager about the type of tenants you are looking for. This saves a lot of time and effort on both, the manager’s end as well as your end.

2) About the Terms and Conditions

Always ensure that the property manager is up to date with the terms and conditions that you have laid down for your tenants. This is because giving your property to a tenant without them completely understanding the terms and conditions of living in the property may lead to severe disputes.

3) About the Background Check

Putting your property on rent to a tenant without performing a thorough background check can land you in serious legal issues. So it is always advisable that you ask your property manager to perform a thorough background check. This helps in ensuring that your property is provided to the right tenant and you can rest assured.

4) About Performing the Credit Check

Your property manager must always be in the loop about what is the credit score of the prospective tenant. This helps in ensuring that your respective tenant is capable of paying the rent and your property will remain safe and sound.

5) About Performing Regular Checks

This may not seem so important to many landlords because they trust their tenants and there is nothing wrong with trusting your tenants. But performing regular and random checks on your property helps in ensuring that your property is well maintained and the tenants are living according to your terms and conditions. If the tenants are breaking any rules of living on your property, the property manager can update you about the same and you can evict the tenants if need be.

Apart from these things, the property manager should also be aware of the events that are being hosted on your property as this can help in providing you with just the right type of tenant that you would require. If you need a professional property manager, you can get in touch with one of the professional property management firms in your vicinity to get further assistance.

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