4 Questions Property Management Professionals Can Ask Tenants On Your Behalf

4 Questions Property Management Professionals Can Ask Tenants On Your Behalf

Renting out your property can be a big decision for you as a landlord and tiresome if you are managing multiple properties. This makes it essential for you to be entirely sure about the credibility of your tenants. To ensure their credibility, you need to know them, their renting history, their history of timely payments and many more. It would be best if you did not restrict yourself from knowing the above things since you are renting out your space to them. You can ask the questions dwelling in your mind all by yourself, or in case if you are planning to hire good property managers in Calgary, then do not shy away from assigning them your questions. 

1) Monthly Income?

There is nothing wrong with asking the potential tenant about how much they earn. The property manager should ask the tenants for a payslip, letter from the employer or any other income proof from the potential tenant on behalf of the landlord. This is to ensure that the candidate is in a position to pay the designated rent amount every month without fail.

2) Proof of Identification?

It is essential to ask the candidate for a full proof identification proof. Every individual possesses at least a birth certificate or a driver’s license for people who own personal vehicles. The potential candidate should be able to produce at least one solid proof of their identification. It is important to have copies of such documents to ensure that the property is in safe hands.

3) Bank Statement for the Past Few Months?

Asking for bank statements might seem very invading, but it’s for best. People with bad credit history lets you understand their efficiency in handling money matters. You’ll come to know how they handle money and will also allow you to get a better insight into the expenses they incur in opposition to their income. This, in turn, will tell you about their efficiency in regular rent payments.

4) Reference From Former Landlords?

If the property management professionals you are hiring are one of the best property managers in Calgary, they will ask the potential tenants for references without your suggestion. References are one of the most critical things to know the credibility of the candidate. References are proof that the candidate was efficient in paying off their former rents.

If the tenants negatively answer any of the above questions, these are the kind of tenants you need to avoid. The best property managers in Calgary will ensure that all your suggested questions are asked and will further interrogate on their behalf as well. If your property management professionals get back to you with negative feedback, do not give those candidates any chance. With the help of the most experienced property managers, get all your queries cleared and rent out your property without any worries.

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