Moving to Edmonton? 6 Tips to Find the Right Home

Moving to Edmonton? 6 Tips to Find the Right Home

Buying a new home in a new town is never easy. Choosing the location for where you’re going to shift base is one of the most difficult decision. The second most difficult thing is sorting through the inventory of houses and rental condos in Edmonton. But don’t fret – we have 6 tips for you that’ll help you look for the right things in your dream home.

There are a number of rental condos and homes for sale in Edmonton. But choosing the right one is always a game of knowledge about the town and its different localities. Plus there is also a chance that you might get fooled by someone looking for a way out of town. That is why you must always know where to look and what to look for in a home.

A house should simplify everyday life and must offer comfortable living. The interiors of the home must have everything that is needed for a hassle-free home.

1. Look for Single-Level Housing

Single-level housing is in demand for homes in Edmonton. Maintenance and everyday care are easy in single-level houses. When the time comes for cleaning and repairs, single level homes have everything within reach. The roof is easier to paint and repair. This saves you a lot of time and also helps you keep things in shape to save on money that is otherwise wasted on regular repairs.

Another advantage of single-level housing is the insulation it provides. It is much easier to control temperatures in single level homes. Because the house is not divided into floors, which reduces the differences in temperature inside one house, it saves the energy wasted in heating a storied house.

2. Go for Nine Foot Tall Ceilings

Nine-foot-tall ceilings are beneficial when you’re looking for more aesthetic interiors. It gives an open feel to the interiors and also fits tall furniture. It also gives you extra wall space if you want to decorate a wall with abstract paint jobs. It is good for people who are a little claustrophobic. The demand of nine-foot-tall ceilings in the market makes it a good value adding factor when reselling the house.

3. Go for the Southern Exposure

Homes and rental condos with windows facing towards the south have a higher benefit over the homes that are facing the west or north. Southern exposure allows the windows to shed light into the home, which increases the light inside the room. It also provides free heat during the winters, which will save you the cost of heating up during the day. You can plant a tree or two in front of the windows for the summertime. It will keep your home cool, saving on the air cooling cost as well. The plants that you grow inside the home for freshness get more sunlight and keep your home fresher and more soothing. Homes with southern exposure are best for solar paneling. This is an added advantage for those of us who care about the environment and want to live in an eco-friendly home.

4. See if the Home has Outdoor Living Spaces

Sitting all day within four walls can have a terrible effect on your health. A living being belongs to nature and keeping a body entrapped within concrete and wood can disconnect your body from the natural balance. Outdoor living spaces, like yards or gardens, not only increase the curb appeal of a home but they also provide you with a great way to chill and relax on a Sunday afternoon. Check if the home has a patio or a deck attached to it. It will not only give you more areas for kids and barbecues, but will also increase the home’s value if and when you’ll be listing it for reselling.

5. Ask the Seller for Attic Insulation

If you want to save yourself from utility bills, you must always go for maximum insulation. Good insulation the key to an energy efficient home. Proper insulation includes:

  • making windows air-tight when they are closed,
  • checking the floor for leakages, and
  • making sure that the roof and attic have been fixed with an insulation material such as cellulose.

Insulating your attic will trap a lot of heat inside the house and you won’t have to heat up the house again and again.

6. Look for Convenience, not Modern Design

The home must have logical features and universal design. While generally speaking, universal designs are associated more with mobility issues and wheelchair access, it can be much more than that. Think about convenience and comfort of accessibility. In this case, you can look for certain features of a home like:

  • Having wider doorways to make things a lot easier every day and for the future. If you’ve ever tried moving in big pieces of furniture through a really narrow doorway you sure do have an idea of the point I’m making.
  • Doorknobs replaced by levers is a common ergonomic approach. It reduces the need for the inconvenient twisting, is easier to open, and is also no trouble for the little kids.
  • Big rocker switches with on/off buttons are a feature that everybody needs at some point in time. You can flip these switches much easier and faster. Switch it off with a knuckle when your hands aren’t clean or switch them on with your elbow when your hands are full of groceries. They are common-sense put to work.

The look of a home is necessary but what’s inside the structure of the home and its location are much more important than good curb appeal. Always double-check every property you have on your list. Contact us at Rental Advisors and we’ll help you find the right homes and rental condos in Edmonton.

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