Some of the Most Expensive Rental Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

Some of the Most Expensive Rental Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

Who doesn’t want to find the right type of rental homes? It is a search that you have to begin every day until you don’t find the right home. When you search the right property for you among so many rental homes, you don’t just look for the property but also the surroundings. You need the perfect neighbourhood, and also the price of the rental home should be budget-friendly. The rent of the rental homes differs in every neighbourhood. So if you are searching for rental homes in Edmonton, then you are on the right web page. We are exploring some of the most expensive rental neighbourhoods of Edmonton.


Glenora is one of the oldest and historic residential neighbourhood in Edmonton. Glenora stores many beautiful historic homes, and it is believed that the named Glenora name is given to the neighbourhood after the Glenora village in East Ontario. The community in Glenora is represented by Glenora Community League established in 1949. Glenora is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods as the average income of households is higher than the per capita income for the city of Edmonton. The average listing for houses here ranges around $300,000 to around $600,000. If you are looking for a lavish neighbourhood, then this is your destination.

Lewis Farm

Lewis Farm residential in Edmonton was established in 1988 through the adoption of the Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan by Edmonton City Council. The residential construction was initiated in the 1990s and continued until the 2000s. A golf course is established in the centre of the neighbourhood in Potter Greens. Potter green is one of the highlights here. It is the perfect spot for an expensive space in Edmonton. The average house listing ranges here from $300,00 to $500,000 and above.


Crestwood is a very expensive residential area situated in the west of Edmonton. The Crestwood was established in the 1950s, and before it was known as Jasper Palace. Later, the City Council let the community choose and vote for a new neighbourhood. The Crestwood neighbourhood consists mostly of single-dwelling houses constructed in the 1950s. The average house listing in Crestwood is around $1,000,000 and above.

Laurier Heights

Laurier Heights is another most expensive neighbourhood located in west Edmonton. The Laurier Heights residential neighbourhood was one of the first areas that was built with the curvilinear street pattern. The residences here mostly consist of single-detached dwelling, but low-rise apartments are also available. The average house listing in Laurier Heights is $800,000 and above.

If you are interested in such expensive places, then these are some of the places for you to explore. There are also various other expensive places like these in Edmonton for you to look for rental homes.

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