Spring Cleaning Tips for Renters

Spring Cleaning Tips for Renters

After the cold winters have ended, it is time when people open their windows to feel the breeze of spring. During the winters, people are mostly inside their homes in Edmonton, so when the spring arrives, the sun stays out longer, and people can clean their house effectively. Many consider the springs as the best time for rental property maintenance after the long winter. You also may have been ready to dust off your house in springs and stay prepared for summers. So why not consider some cleaning tips to maximize the rental property maintenance.

Clean Screens and Windows

Who doesn’t want to welcome air and restrict dust in their home? The windows are closed all the winter, and dust would have settled on the screens and windows, so clean them first. You will have to remove the screen entirely from the window and clean both separately for better results. Spray the water on the screen and then scrub with soap water to remove grime and debris, then let it dry. For the windows, you simply have to clean with soap water and dry it with clean rags.

Clean the Walls

During the winter dust or scuff marks would have settled over the walls. It is necessary to remove them from your walls. Wipe down the whole wall with a dry cloth. Then you can use vinegar or soap water to remove the untidy buildup. You must avoid dyed cloths and sponge for cleaning, as they can cause discoloration on the walls.

De-clutter Your Possessions

Cleaning and de-cluttering go hand-in-hand. When you de-clutter your possessions, you get more space in your home. And you can buy new things in their replacement. There would be items in your possession that are broken or unwanted. You can now throw these items, or else you can sell them on a garage sale or online. If you don’t de-clutter now, the possessions will multiply, and you would be stuck thinking about what to throw and what not.

Dust-off Fan Blades

The ceiling fans are your primary source of air in the house. Do you want it to fill up with dust and provide less amount of air? No. So you have to clean it up, but the fan can’t be clean adequately from the ground level. You would need a stair to climb up and clean it. Take a garbage bag, cover the fan blade and wipe up. Then take a clean rag, and an all-purpose cleaner and wipe the fan blade. Repeat the process with every fan blade.

Spring is the best time for rental property maintenance as nature is at it’s best. You can clean your rental home and stay stress-free for the rest of the year. Just devote one or two days for the rental property maintenance, and your landlord will be happy to see how you keep the rental property.

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