Why You Must Hire a Property Manager Even if You are Looking for a Small House

Why You Must Hire a Property Manager Even if You are Looking for a Small House

Are you looking for a small house for rent in Edmonton? Then, you might be wondering if you should hire a property manager, or rent directly from the landlord. Both options are ideal, but hiring from a property manager offers some excellent benefits that landlords do not provide. These benefits can really improve your renting experience. Here’s why property managers are the right choice while renting.

They Screen the Property Too

Just like they screen the tenants, they also screen the landlords. No property manager in Edmonton would like to work with a bad landlord, or list a property that is subpar their standards. They only select the best houses to list since they have to maintain their reputation in the marketplace, and this can benefit you since you will only be choosing from the best rental houses in Edmonton.

They Know the Rental Market

Unlike most landlords, property managers have been in the game for years (or even decades); hence, they know all the ins-and-outs of the rental market. They know the right prices, what to expect, and what to demand; moreover, they know which area suits you and what kind of a property is right for you. Their expertise can help you find the right house that suits your lifestyle and needs at the right price.

They Know the Renting Laws

Once you select the right house and decide to rent it, you will have a breezy experience with the legal chores, too, as the property manager knows all the laws and regulations regarding renting in Edmonton. They will take care of all the paperwork timely and ensure that all the legal requirements are met by you and your new landlord.

They Have a Streamlined Maintenance Process

And once you start living in the house, you may have a few issues or maintenance calls. Here, if you rent directly from a landlord, then they might not be available at the right time, or they may be negligent of the calls. Property managers, on the other hand, are always on call to address any of your concerns, along with all the timely maintenance calls. It is their job to ensure that the house you’ve rented is safe and sound. 

They are the Point of Contact

Adding to the previous point, they are the point of contact for any and all problems. You don’t have to deal with negligent landlords. Moreover, if there is a conflict of interest between you and the property manager, you can rest assured they will act professionally to sort out the issue. Unlike landlords, who can let emotions take over during a time of crisis. 

Sure, renting from a property manager might cost you a small sum of money as commission, but the benefits are more than worth it. Not only is your renting process easier where you get to select the best house for you, but the post-move-in experience is also streamlined thanks to the timely address of maintenance calls and issues.

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